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RITES Ltd. offers specialized consultancy services in the area of design, planning and construction management. RITES - Airports Division is consultant for following organizations: 

  • Airports Authority of India (130 Domestic airports under their jurisdiction)
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (The only manufacturers of Aircrafts in India)
  • Indian Airlines
  • Indian Air-force (Ministry of Defence)
  • Bharat Electronics Limited
  • Ministry of External Affairs, 
    • Development of Integrated Check posts at International Borders.
    • Development of infrastructure at Mauritius.
  • Various State Governments in the Union of India for developments of Airports, Helipads etc.  

RITES is registered with the Technical Assistance Bureau of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as a potential supplier of consultancy services in the airport area and is also an associate member of following professional associations:  

  • Member, National Association of Consulting Engineers, India.
  • Member, International Association of Bridge   and Structural Engineers
  • Member, Institution of Engineers, India
  • Member, Institution of Surveyors, India
  • Member, Institute of Rail Transport, India
  • Member, Indian Geotechnical Society, India 
  • Member, Federation of Indian Export Organization, India
  • Member, Overseas Construction Council of India.
  • Member (Permanent), International Association of Road Congress, France.
  • Member(Permanent), International   Association  of Navigation Congress, France.
  • Member, Indian Concrete Institute, India. 
  •  Member, Light Rail Transport Association, London  
  • Member, International Association of State Trading Organizations, Yugoslavia.
  • Member, International Fiscal Association, France.  
  • Member, International Centre for Public Enterprises, Yugoslavia.
  • Member, Advance Transit Association, Washington.  
  • Member, Engineering Export Promotion Council, India 
  • Member, Indian Institute of Public Administration, India
  • Associate   Member, American Society for   Quality Control, United State of America
  • Member, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises, India
  • Member, National   Council of   Applied   Economic Research, India.   


  • Master planning, site selection and obstacle surveys
  • Air traffic surveys, demand assessment and forecasting
  • Project feasibility studies & Environment Impact Assessment studies
  • Design and construction management of airport pavements, hangars, workshop buildings and control towers 
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation of Airport Pavements.
  • Construction of passengers and cargo terminal complexes including design of HVAC systems.
  • Design of ATC systems including communication, navigation and visual aids.
  • Baggage handling systems and airport equipment.
  • Crash fire rescue systems  


Please refer to Airport Brochure attached herewith  


                I.    Executive Director    :  Email          -   rakeshkapoor@rites.com 

                                                    Telephone   -   0124-2728102, 0124-2576707 

            II.   Airport Division (AP) :  Email          -   airports@rites.com 

                                                    FAX No.      -   0124-2571633




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