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Vigilance Awareness Week-2022 

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  Observation of Vigilance Awareness Week-2022
  Publication-Vigilance Bulletin digitally online 

Vigilance Awareness Week-2021 

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  Vigilance Bulletin - 2021
  Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer Resolution,2004(PIDPI)
  INTEGRITY PLEDGE-Vigilance Awareness Week-2021 
  Video Clip-Vigilance Awareness Week-2021 

Vigilance Awareness Week-2020

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  Vigilance Bulletin-2020
  E-pledge for Vigilance Awareness week-2020
  Press Note By Central Vigilance Commission
  Citizen's Suggestions for Systemic Improvements

Vigilance Awareness Week-2019

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  Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week
  Vigilance Bulletin on the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week
  E-pledge for Vigilance Awareness week-2019
  RITES Vigilance Bulletin 2019

Latest News and Publications

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  Vigilance Bulletin-2017
  Vigilance Hand-Book Case Studies-2015
  Vigilance Hand-Book Case Studies-2012
  Hand Book of Vigilance Guidelines

Latest News and Publications