Ex-Employee Corner

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Tentative Amount Payable to EPFO for Claiming Pension on Higher Salary


Paramount TPA Hospital Network for RITES (as on 7.02.2023)


Group Insurance Medi-Claim Facility for RITES Retired Employees-2023 (PRMS Payment for retired employees )


Group Insurance Medi-claim, Facility for Retired Employees of RITES-2023 

  List of empanelled Hospitals/Labs for RITES employees & dependents

List of empaneled hospitals for Executive Health Check-up-OPD Updated-2022   new

  List of SRL Authorized Center for CGHS Rates  new
  premium by employees 
  List of empaneled hospitals/laboratories  

Group Insurance Medi-claim, Facility for Retired Employees of RITES-2022 


Pathological Test Lab-Thyrocare 

  Standing Committee for Retired Employees  
  RITES Group Insurance Medi-Claim Facility for Retired Employees-2022 
  Conversion of Savings Account to Pension Account with Retired Employees of Axis Bank RITES  
  User Instruction Manual for Ex-Employee Medical Reimbursement - Viva  

Online submission of OPD and long term medical bills of retired employees through the portal   

  Reimbursement Format-Viva 
  Updated list of empaneled hospitals of RITES Limited (up to 22.04.2021)
  Mediclaim Circular-2021 Group Mediclaim Policy 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021
  Circular on Dental Treatment of Retired Employees
  Circular regarding sub-limit and sum insured of mediclaim policy for serving employees
  Circular for exemption on OPD services to RITES retired employees
  List of Dr Lalpath Labs - CGHS Rates - Rights Tie Up
  Hospital-OPD discount through TPA
  Dr. Lal Path Lab Discount Through TPA
  Clinical remission through TPA
  Data of retired employees given to Axis Bank for insurance benefits related to salary/pension account
  Pending PF Settlement Cases of Ex-Employees (Contractual)
  Pending PF settlement cases of ex-employees
  Re-Employment/Re-appointment Policy and Delegation of Powers of Retired Officers
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  Paramount Health Services & Insurance is processing TPA reimbursement claims online 
  Hospitalization process.
  List of Non-Acceptable Expenses-IRDA
  List of day care procedures
  IPD & OPD Reimbursement Claim Form & Checklist
  Login Process Reimbursement Claims Online
  escalation matrix
  TPA Contact Number
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  Form for joining pension scheme
  existence certificate
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  Life certificate for retired RITES employees covered under PRMS (for Calendar
Year 2023)
  Life certificate for retired RITES employees covered under PRMS  
  Post Retirement Medical Scheme (PRMS) - Circular 
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  General Terms of the Policy
  Membership Form for Retired Employee
  Self and Dependent Details for Group Medi-Claim Insurance Policy
  Frequently Asked Questions