Urban Infra & Sustainability



A strong player in the Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS), RITES offers smart and sustainable solutions across three areas of operation: Urban Passenger & Transport Infrastructure, Urban Freight Transport Infrastructure, and Sustainable Environment.

The offerings:

Urban Passenger & Transport Infrastructure

  • Techno-Economic Feasibility & Detailed Project Report for Mass Transport System
  • General Consultancy for Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)
  • Electric Mobility
  • Construction of Mass Transport Systems on EPC mode
  • Comprehensive Mobility Plans
  • Planning, Design & Construction of Multi-Modal Hubs on EPC Mode

Urban Freight Transport Infrastructure

  • Planning & Design of Multi-Modal Logistics Hubs (MMLHs)
  • Construction of MMLHs on EPC Mode
  • Comprehensive Logistics Plan for cities

Sustainable Environment

  • National Clean Air Program (NCAP) implementation
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Planning & Design of Solid Waste Management
  • Source Apportionment Study
  • Net Zero (Carbon Neutral) Studies/Carbon Credits
  • Environment & Social Impact Assessment studies
  • Pollution Abatement Studies
  • Lake Conservation Programs
  • Extended Producer Responsibility for Single Use Plastics