About Us

about us

We have 48 Years Of Experience

RITES Ltd., a Government of India Enterprise was established in 1974, under the aegis of Indian Railways. RITES is incorporated in India as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956 and is governed by a Board of Directors which includes persons of eminence from various sectors of engineering and management. RITES Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 company, is a multi-disciplinary consultancy organization in the fields of transport, infrastructure and related technologies. It provides a comprehensive array of services under a single roof and believes n transfer of technology to client organizations. In overseas projects, RITES actively pursues and develops cooperative links with local consultants / firms, as means of maximum utilization of local resources and as an effective instrument of sharing its expertise.

VISION :Future Ready: Not just more of the same, but much more of the new

MISSION: To take on the best in class


  • -Diversification: Innovating and adapting new technologies & methodologies

-Sustainability to be the touchstone of our every activity.

-Be a Master Systems Integrator: Concept to Commissioning

-Leveraging the ‘E’ in RITES

-Partnerships: Fostering cooperation & collaboration.